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Teacher Portfolios
« on: March 31, 2014, 11:18:29 PM »
 Portfoliogen:  A website for teachers and students that provides the necessary resources to create a Portfolio Website. 

Erin Seinya Lamboi
EIL 587 - CMC

PortfolioGen:  Customized Portfolio Website

   Portfoligen provides teachers with the necessary resources to create their own Portfolio Website.  The standard package is free and includes a personal URL which can be used to upload CV’s, photos, lesson plans, transcripts, evaluations, recommendations, teaching philosophies, certificates, videos, and links to other websites; such as the classroom website.  The option to allow visitor and/or student access is also available.  The premium package is $3.99 a month or $24.99 a year and allows for more document and photo uploads than the standard package and also allows for more customization or personalizing of the design and layout.    
   Websites created using Portfoliogen have come from all areas of the world; created by teachers both nationally and internationally.  Teachers and students are able to communicate with others from around the world; receiving feedback and sharing materials.   Using portfoliogen to create a website not only provides teachers with new job opportunities, but also provides a way for teachers and students to interact and share new ideas and alternative ways to teach similar material.   
   Another feature for teachers, who feel that they understand how to use the resources provided in Portfoliogen well enough to explain them to students, can also use the “PORTFOLIOGEN CLASSROOM” link; where students can create their own websites. “Teachers using the Portfoliogen Classroom service can create their own webpage allowing their students to register and create their own portfolio websites.  Collaboration between teacher and student is easy with administrative visibility to view students portfolios.”  This website offers teachers and students the opportunity to create their own original websites, distinguishing this website from others, which are either teacher or student focused, rather than both.
   A sample teacher portfolio website is provided to use as a guide, making this a valuable resource for those teachers who are new to technology and do not realize how easy it actually is to create their own working website.  For those teachers who are already familiar with creating websites, this website offers a new prospective on how to use a website, one that includes using a website to present personal skills and achievements.
   Below is a screenshot of a teacher’s (Megan Bishop) portfolio website that is used as an example and guide for new users and is accessible on the first page of the Portfoliogen website. [Download the attached document to view the example]

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