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Blubbr - Create interactive quizzes using Youtube videos
« on: April 01, 2014, 02:00:05 AM »
Blubbr - Create interactive quizzes using Youtube videos

       Blubbr for teachers is a free website where teachers can create interactive quizzes, trivia games, reviews, and other activities based on youtube videos.  Students watch a video and answer multiple choice questions at the end of the clip.  Videos can be searched by topic, the same way videos are found using the Youtube website.  Teachers search by topic and then choose from a list of videos.  Once the video has been chosen it can be cut down to the preferred length, or “clipped”.  Then the teacher writes out the question and answer choices for each clip.
   Using Youtube videos, a technology that students are familiar with and use on a daily basis, for educational purposes, is a great way to improve student’s motivation and interest in the class.  Not only are the students benefited, but teachers as well, who become more dynamic and resourceful in their teaching. 

A quote from the site on APPLICATIONS FOR EDUCATION: 
   “I think of Blubbr as being like TEDEd but with short video clips. In that regard, creating a quiz on Blubbr could be a good way to develop review materials for your students. Students can take quizzes on Blubbr without signing into the service.”