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Create your own ebooks
« on: May 01, 2014, 01:00:53 PM »
There are several websites that let you create your own eBooks.  They can be anything from a magazine, a promotional flyer, or an actual book. This could be a great medium for students to work with.  They could use it as a culminating project to integrate focus skills. An example might be to create a class cookbook and practice writing instructions with imperative forms.  Some eBook websites are designed for marketing so they allow you to link to social media or embed in video or audio.

Here are some websites to check out:
I've used this one for a simple project. It offers several layouts and templates to help you design your pages.  Once you register you get to create up to 12 free eBooks.  You can add content individually or you can upload a PDF that converts to the eBook.

Issuu - -
This is another eBook site that allows you to embed other media.  Many of the samples show a lot of magazine or photo book type designs.

Please add others!

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Re: Create your own ebooks
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2014, 02:12:49 AM »
Hello, Amber.

Thank you for sharing useful webpages!

I was looking for some webpage that I can create booklets or short magazines both for teaching and for myself. In Korea, high school students work on their own portfolios for applying universities. They try to include their extra curriculum activities and personal experiences related to their interest of academia. In order to have a great portfolio, the visuals and accessibility as well as the content are important. I think that Korean high school students could use these webpages that you introduced to create their own portfolios or keep their journals. 

I would introduce them to my students back in Korea!
Thank you.