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Problem I had in SL classroom:

I recently tried leading a language-learning task with a group of teachers.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the activity (in principle).  However, we very quickly ran into problems, because the task required students to be up to 100 virtual meters apart.  This presents a problem, because chat doesn't carry that far.

Although we had to stop the task, it was educational for me, because it made me aware of a problem that could occur while teaching.  Afterwards, I looked on Second Life's wiki and found a solution to the problem.  I now realize that what this task requires is setting up a conference.  That way, all class members can text one another (even if they're in different sims!).  Anyone seriously interested in using SL to teach should know how to set up a conference...

How to set up a conference:

A conference is a private conversation with two or more Residents, who can communicate gridwide. It is similar to group chat, but more dynamic, since everyone on your friends list can be invited, as well as everyone where you got a calling card from.

To start a conference by
    * selecting several Residents in your friends list (Ctrl+LEFT CLICK) and press "IM/Call"

    * dragging a Resident's calling card into an IM window.

Once conference is started you can invite new Residents by dragging their calling card in the conference window.
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