Author Topic: Integrating Pronunciation and Reading with the Key Stress Rule  (Read 1110 times)

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Here is a three-day unit on the Key Stress Rule (KSR), which allows students to predict the major stress of a word based on its ending. Students will read more confidently if they can recognize KSR words and read them aloud correctly. The unit is adapted from Hahn & Dickerson's SpeechCraft. The intended audience is intermediate-level reading students, particularly in classes that focus on English for Academic Purposes.

Although the lessons do not contain any sound-level exercises, it is certainly possible to incorporate some of those as well. Spelling clues are helpful. For instance, the letter T or C plus an i-Vowel ending ends up being pronounced as SH (patience, initial, crucial, precious). The letter S plus an i-Vowel ending ends up being produced as ZH (vision, decision). The letter G or D plus an i-Vowel ending is pronounced as J (vestigial, cordial). For information on how to pronounce vowels based on spelling clues, see Dickerson & Dickerson's Stress in the Speech Stream.

Have fun and feel free to adapt the lessons further!
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