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Finding a university for you
« on: May 02, 2015, 06:04:54 PM »
This is an idea about an English reading class for college students.
Some students are interested in going to a graduate college after their graduation from the college. Others may feel interest planning about their future. Thus, this lesson can be useful for these students. Also, this lesson can give a valuable chance for a kind of extensive reading and writing (based on an interesting topic) that may be helpful for all students.
<Selecting a university>
1. The teacher shows a picture of a university in a big city and of another in a small town. Then, he/she lets the students discuss the pros and cons of these two university. Through this activity, the students can be familiarized with the topic of the lesson.

2. The teacher gives an assignment of choosing two universities where the students want to enter based on the information they collected from the websites of the universities and the departments.

3. In the next lesson, the teacher pairs up the students. Then, the teacher gives a worksheet on which the things that should be considered when choosing a university are listed (such as cost of living, environment, financial assistance, and the strengths and weaknesses of the department). After that, one of each group is asked to ask questions to his/her partner in order to fill up the worksheet with the information his/her partner presents. Two of each group take turn for this activity.

4. All the students are requested to present what they identified through the group work (i.e., the information about the universities and departments to which their partners want to be admitted) to the whole class. Then, the whole class gives some advice for choosing one between two options based on what they figured out from the presentation.

<Applying for a university>
1. The teacher pairs up the students again and asks each student to know at which university and department his/her partner want to study. Then, the teacher gives an assignment in which the students are asked to collect the data about the application requirements and procedures of the department at which their partners want to study. In the class, the groups are gathered again, and each of the groups does a role of an expert of university application and provides information that his/her partner want to know about through giving answers to their partnerís questions.

2. After that, the teacher makes the students practice writing a resume. At first, the teacher presents what kinds of information should be included in a resume showing a sample resume. Then, the students are asked to write their own curricular vitae. They turn in this resume, and the teacher gives feedback on it.

3. The teacher passes out several Statement of Purpose (SOP) samples to the students. Then, he/she asks the students to choose the best one among many. After that, the teacher asks the students to identify what features of the SOP they chose made it better than the others. After that, the teacher explains the organization and rhetoric of a good SOP.

4. The teacher discusses the strategies and skills for writing a good SOP.

5. The teacher asks the students to write their own SOP. Then, the students submit it to the teacher, and the teacher gives brief feedback on it.
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