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Unit on Act 1 of "Our Town"
« on: May 13, 2016, 05:24:54 PM »
Hello teachers!
Please find below the materials for the Unit I put together for teaching Our Town, Act 1, for the final project for EIL445.
I will include an overview here, as well as attach all relevant files to this posting.

Overview of Unit 1 “Our Town”
BackgroundTarget Demographic: Intermediate to advanced students
Location of Unit: Can be integrated into any course that calls for studying plays or American culture.
Duration of unit: 4 classes over 2 weeks. Unit 1 is designed to be replicated for Act 2 and 3 of Our Town.
Class Length: 80 minutes
Class size: Hopefully 15-20 students. If there are more students, then I suggest that you take more time to do the presentations and performances.

Unit Description: This unit introduces Act 1 of the play “Our Town” to ESL/EFL students. Students will learn about western plays and American culture through reading and watching productions of the play “Our Town”. Students will be required to participate in group discussions, group performances, and presenting research on facets of Our Town.

Students will be able to:
1: Discuss the themes, characters and context of Act 1 of Our Town.2: Learn and apply relevant vocabulary.3: Learn some history and context of “small town America”4: Gain experience on how to read plays in English.
5: Practice good presentation skills
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