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Helpful teacher resource video about reading
« on: March 13, 2017, 09:58:39 PM »
Instructions: Click on this hyperlink. When the page loads, there should a list of videos below the one that automatically pops up. Click on the right arrow once and find the video called “Developing Reading Skills for Intermediate/Advanced Learners.” Et voila!
This video is chock-full of ideas and tips for teaching reading tasks for higher level ESL/EFL students. The free-writing activity at the beginning, I think, is a great way to introduce a new topic. By letting the students take a moment to think and write about an activity, they will be more prepared to talk about the topic with the class and write about the topic in more detail.

After the free-writing activity, the teacher goes on to present a plethora of interactive activities based on the topic for the day. The pre-reading activities serve to activate schema (prior knowledge) about the topic to make the upcoming reading activity easier and more engaging, and the post-reading activities check the students’ comprehension and deepens their understanding of the topic.
I personally really liked the teacher’s “Benefits and Drawbacks” pre-reading activity. This idea can be applied to so many topics! You can have your students think about some of the pros and cons about the topic you are working on for that day and then write them down in a list and talk about them together in groups.
All the videos I’ve seen in this series have been excellent, and I highly suggest you check them out if you can! They cover a wide variety of class types and have really great teaching ideas!