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Using Word Cloud for reading and writing
« on: March 14, 2017, 04:58:02 PM »
I have only used Word Cloud a few times for a writing class, but it was very entertaining and helpful! One of the tools that I like is Tagul. This tool would be great for teaching coherence and cohesion. I remember one activity I incorporated in a coherence and cohesion lesson was identifying word chain. Students were given the following paragraph and then asked to identify different categories of word chain.

   "Markets coordinate decisions through price adjustments. To see how, think about your local market for burgers. Suppose that too few burgers are available and some people who want to buy burgers are not able to do so. To make buying and selling the same, either more hamburgers must be offered for sale or buyers must scale down their appetites (or both). A rise in the price of a burger produces this outcome. A higher price encourages producers to offer more burgers for sale. It also encourages people to change their lunch plans." (McTaggart, Findlay & Parkin, 2012, p. 42)

They found it very difficult to do that because it was their first time finding word chains. Now that I thought of Word Cloud, I think it would be great to incorporate that in the lesson as well. When I imported the paragraph on Tagul, they analyzed the word chains for me and also presented in an appealing way. Details see the link

There are a lot of ways to use this tool as seen in  On the list, one of the ideas that I really liked was importing the lesson plan and let students find out what the topic is. This could be done in the beginning of a class as a warm up activity. If an instructor wants to do a review of a previous class, then they can import the lesson plan and ask students to use Word Cloud to review the main content.

McTaggart, D., Findlay, C.C., & Parkin, M. (2012). Economics. [/size]Frenchs Forest, NSW : Pearson Australia. [/color]
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