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Activities for Human is...
« on: September 08, 2011, 01:17:09 PM »
I will target at high-intermediate or advanced ESL students, college level for the following reading and writing activities. Pre-reading activity Before reading the story, in small groups, I will let the students come up with the features of aliens that they can think about (appearance, characteristics, intelligence, etc). And every group will write down those features on the blackboard. Then the whole class will choose the representative features from all the groups’ ideas. If time permits, one volunteer student will draw the alien on the blackboard according to the features. During reading, students need to summarize the personalities of Lester and the alien. Post-reading activity 1.     After they finish reading the whole story, they will be asked to make comparisons between the alien in the story and the one they wrote on the blackboard. 2.     For final writing exercise, every student needs to rewrite the ending of the story: “At the end of the story, Jill decided not to turn in the alien but to keep it as her husband. So imagine if you are Jill, what will you do?” Students also need to provide reasons for their decision.  After they finish writing, call on several individuals to share their stories and reasons.