Author Topic: Teaching old dogs new tricks  (Read 8713 times)

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Teaching old dogs new tricks
« on: April 28, 2017, 09:34:30 PM »
Something that I've recently become extremely interested in is educating an older demographic of learners, say ages 50-80.  When we think about the amount of research in L1 education compared to L2, there is already so little information.  When we then consider teaching L2 to an older population, I found even less information.  There are some significant differences in education older learners as compared to traditional or younger students.  Senior learners tend to have more physical barriers and challenges to overcome (memory, hearing, visual, mobility).  They are typically in much different places when you look at education level, life experience, L1 competency- thus needs assessment is even more critical.  Conversely though, Senior learners often have better attitudes toward the material as well as the learning process in general.  They also tend to develop an appreciation for the language, rather than learning language for a test. 

Here are some articles/resources I've read: