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Telephone Pictionary
« on: March 12, 2020, 10:28:33 PM »
This is a game that works well for beginning writers, but could also be modified for my advanced writers. This would be a good activity to follow a short lesson on descriptive writing. It could also be modified to be used with certain grammar features such as adjectives, present tense or past tense verbs.

Before starting the game, the teacher should prepare small booklets with the same number of papers in them as the number of students there are in the class.

First, have students write a sentence description of something, someone, or some event. If the students are more advanced, they could write a paragraph.

The students should then pass their booklet to the next student, who must draw a picture of the description that the previous student wrote.

The booklet is then passed to the next student, who can only see the page with picture. This student must write a descriptive sentence or paragraph about the picture they see.

The booklet continues to travel around the class until it reaches the original author. The original author can then see how the message has changed, which is usually quite fun!

I have used this activity with elementary and middle school students in Korea. It works really well with groups of students who like to draw. Students have fun with the drawing and have a chance to practice writing. The teacher should make sure though that students are actually fully engaged in the writing portion because they can get caught up with the drawing. One suggestion I would make to help would be to set a timer and only allow a certain time to draw and require them to write a certain amount of time.