Author Topic: Learning Cause and Effect Through Games!  (Read 1968 times)

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Learning Cause and Effect Through Games!
« on: May 06, 2020, 01:35:38 AM »

A fun way to introduce students to the ideas of cause and effect is to play a game in which students have to make choices to determine  sequence of events and the outcome of a story.

The first option for gamifying cause and effect is creating your own generated game using by using the "gaming" creation template and linking slides to different interactive features that link the choice to the next event.

Or there are plenty of other online stories at The downfall of this website is that the stories have not been rated so an instructor should definitely go through the one they desire to use in their class ahead of time to avoid any awkward or explicit materials.

Another option would be to play Choose Your Own Adventure which is a board game that encompasses the same kind of approach that the other two games have with a few more challenges tacked on for even more fun.

As far as levels go, I consider to be the best option if working with beginner to intermediate learners, and then Infinite Story and Choose your Own Adventure are better choices for more advanced learners.

These activities create a gateway for teachers to discuss the importances of the characters' choices in a piece of literature and how those choices may be affected by the characters' personality traits or even other choices that were made in the past. I consider this a fun way to start the conversation about cause and effect.