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Story Starters for Kids
« on: May 10, 2020, 10:56:48 PM »

Story Starters

Website URL:

The Story Starter website has options for both adults and kids, however I thought that this would be a good resource for instructors who are teaching younger learners (thought the adult version seems good, too!) as the sentences are usually a bit silly and leave room for a lot of imagination. An older target age would still be able to continue the story provided, but they may find them a bit childish.

The website provides a random simple sentence to start off a story, allowing for the rest of the story to be written by writers. Instructors can decided if they want all students (individually or in pairs/groups) to work with the same sentence starter, or if they work with different sentences. Working with the same sentence could be interesting to see how young learners brainstorm and plan out their story, eventually comparing work with one another to see how the stories differed or how they were the same. With different sentence starters, students can have the option to choose which pre-selected sentence they would want to continue writing about, providing them motivation as it give them (somewhat of) a choice in their writing (as opposed to being forced to write about a specific topic). As mentioned before, the sentences leave much to the imagination, so it provides students with the chance to write creatively about scenarios that they may not have considered before.

The website is not necessarily geared towards ESL learners, so while sifting through some of the sentences that were provided, instructors will have to determine if vocabulary definitions are needed before providing the sentence to students, depending on their proficiency. But this could be a good build up to the actual writing!
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