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Extensive Reading Activities
« on: March 22, 2021, 09:00:45 PM »
This website provides some really good ideas about how to develop the extensive reading activities. I especially like the fifth activity. One student and his partner could read two books separately for the first chapter. After finishing the reading, students could summarize what they have read recently to their partner. Based on the summary, they should switch the books and continue reading the next section. This activity is very interesting and requires students to have good ability in summarizing. Also this could be a good assignment to check whether students understand the chapter clearly. If they don't, then their partner may encounter great difficulty in continuing reading the same book.
The sixth activity is also interesting. For extensive reading, the most common assignment might be writing a summary. Rewriting stories with a totally different ending or genres may be very fun, like writing "Harry Potter and Zombies". Also writing a letter to a character in the book with something students agree with or disagree with may also be a good activity for them to practice writing!