Author Topic: The time travelers: a creative writing adventure to practice past tenses  (Read 528 times)

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Three years ago, I created a story cubes-type activity to reinforce the creative writing skills and the knowledge of past tenses of students of Spanish as an FL.
While the activity is aimed at Spanish learners and the materials are in Spanish (which can be found here), it is easily adaptable to an ESL course.
To complete the activity, you will need the cards (you can print the images on the pdf. or create your own). This activity is best done in groups and can take up to 30 minutes of class time. It is aimed at high-intermediate learners.
First, students individually randomly select one card of a historical period and then, randomly, one character card related to that historical period (if the historical period is "Ancient Egypt", they can be a scribe, a priestess...). Character cards will be grouped by historical period.
Once each student knows who their character is and where are they from, they will get into groups and start writing their collective story. The ideal group size is 3 people (4 max.).
The story should have at least three different (short) episodes. Each episode will be written during a different turn. Each turn, one of the students draws from a pile three random action cards. They have to write a story where the three actions are reflected.
The first episode should be about the travelers' lives before starting their time travels. They introduce themselves and, based on the cards describe very briefly their lives.
The second episode should be about how they started time traveling and how have they arrived at where they are now.
For the third episode, they need to collectively draw a new time card, to describe the place where they have arrived and compare it to their lives before.
A possible fourth episode (with four students) can be devoted to use the present and future and talk about their next steps.
Once they have finished writing they will share their stories with the class.
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