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Using infographics in pre-writing
« on: May 10, 2021, 06:45:22 PM »
My colleagues and I recently attended the 2021 TESOL conference, and one idea presented at the conference by Undraa Maamuujav from UC Irvine was to incorporate infographics into the ESL classroom. One suggestion regarding how to use infographics was to use them in outlining. For example, students could use different colors and shapes for text boxes, as well as integrate images into their infographics. The presenter suggested that teachers could provide feedback on the infographic, then students could revise it, and then use it to write the first draft of their writing assignment.

The presenter surveyed a small group of ESL students whose teacher had used infographics with them, and the students were overall positive about using them, saying they were helpful in organizing their ideas and lifting their affective barrier. Students also liked the visual aspect of the infographics and found them fun to make and use.

Maamuujav, U. (2021). The Utility of Infographics: Scaffolding Students' Writing Development [online lecture]. TESOL 2021 International

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