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Forums outside of this one
« on: May 13, 2021, 04:50:31 PM »
On the internet there are lot of resources, blogs, and forums that one can go down a rabbit whole on. Recently I have taken a liking to the forum website Reddit. I think there are lots of great discussions among the subreddits: r/TEFL, r/TESL, r/langaugelearning and r/teachingresources. There are lots of questions and answers on there regarding the inner workings of TESL/TEFL and teaching as well as resources that vould benefit the classroom. I think a good idea would to create a small subreddit for students to discuss topics in such a way like this one where there can be logs from previous years and such. I think the subreddit r/languagelearning would be a great place to look to get a better understanding of some questions some students may have in regards to their learning. This could be extremely helpful towards students who are not the best at voicing their questions in class or directly to the teacher. Since this website is also considered a SMS there is a lot of current event and short term internet evolution going on in the site that could help create classroom activities and discussion. Another forum type of website that could be beneficial would be Discord which would allow for more privacy and personal interaction between students and the teacher. And of course with both of these sites there are logs to see of the students work and progress through the class.