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Title: Introduction to Conclusions
Post by: tsbrayak on December 07, 2009, 08:58:58 PM
Here is an activity that I adapted from the book below (Unfortunately, I cannot attach the essay). 

Family Weekend Vacations from the Wingersky, Boerner, & Hoguin book Writing Paragraphs and Essays, 2nd Ed.  (1995), pp. 261-264.

I had students read the essay Family Weekend Vacations, and after they read it, I asked them to talk about the essay's strengths and weaknesses (1 major weakness was that it was missing a conclusion).  I then had them analyze several possible conclusions (also in the book) and determine which conclusion they felt was the best and why.  I did type up the conclusions from the book, so I will attach that file, but you could really adapt this kind of an analysis activity to any essay that you have.  You may just have to write the different conclusions yourself!