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Title: Breaking News English -- Online Resource of Modified Text
Post by: Lindsaym97 on April 16, 2019, 11:36:51 PM
Breaking News English is a website that has different forms of the same text, modified for different levels of English learners. Their levels go from 0 (the most beginner level) to level 6 which is classified as "upper-intermediate". Not only is each text modified to a different level, there are also various resources with each text. For example, there are audio files of the text being read at speeds such as slow, medium, fast, and fastest in addition to having ones that distinguish between British English and American English. There are also several activities with each text. While some of them seem to be a bit messy to be honest, some of them could be useful. For example, there is one grammar activity where all the articles  (a, an, the) are taken out and the student must decide what article should be placed in that blank. While it may not be the prettiest resource or most organized, there is definitely something that a teacher could get out of this resource for modified texts.

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