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Title: Pre-reading activities for older students
Post by: brennaw on May 04, 2020, 05:13:36 PM
Pre-reading activities have an important role in building reading skills, but as someone who has done a good amount of ESL tutoring with older students, some of the commonly promoted pre-reading activities can sometimes feel like they're more geared for younger ages. So when I saw this article ( aimed at prereading activities for international college students, I was interested.

Here are some activities from Maunsell's 2019 article that I thought were most interesting:

Activating prior knowledge activities:
Analyzing text features activities:

Developing Vocabulary:

Reference: Maunsell, M. (2019). Academic prereading activity menus to support international ESL students in higher education. The CATESOL Journal, 31(1), 1-12.