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Title: Writing activities for Extensive Reading
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 This website provides a a list of activities that instructors can do for extensive reading and listening. I thought that the list of writing activities were helpful for instructors who may need a quick idea or two for class. There are quite a few ideas listed, however I thought two prompts stuck out to me: 
Retell the story as if it were a character's diary.
write a letter/email to one of the characters
For the first activity, students can do a chapter by chapter journal entry from the characters POV. Writing in their POV has students critically thinking about what happens in the story as it makes them reflect through another's reflection and write about it.
 For the second activity, students can write an initial email to a character, exchange letters with another student, and write a reply to it to the one that they received from their classmate. Students can continue exchanging letters over the duration of the book with new partners, or instructors can divide students into pairs and have one write an initial letter and have the partner do the response.