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Useful peer review websites
« on: March 27, 2013, 02:15:32 AM »
Common Guidelines for Peer-Review
This website provides a guideline for what peer-review should be like for both the writers and the readers. Other than guidelines, there are also worksheets:
one of the worksheets focuses on specific parts of an essay, and the other focuses on the overall qualities of an essay. In Teaching ESL Composition, it mentioned that some researches suggest different patterns of peer review help students foster more thinking in different perspectives (Ferris and Hedgcock, 2005). And depending on what the teachers want to work on as the writing course progess, they can apply different worksheets that have different focuses when doing peer review.

An eHow article on how to teach peer review in writing class
It has a step-by-step instruction on how to teach peer review (or rather how a peer review should be done in class). It states the importance to have a worksheet for students during peer review as a guideline for students to follow. It also stresses on having the peer review done in a large scale for the first time to show students what peer-review should be like. Although this gives students a preview of what peer-review should be like, it might limit students' originality; students might do what the teachers do, or only look for similar mistakes that the teachers have demonstrated in class or have written on the guidelines on the worksheet. However, this website pointed out that it is really important to teach students to be accountable for their role in the peer review. Although it is hard to teach students without implementing the teachers' own perspective, it is essential to give students outline to avoid confusion or the lack of effort in doing peer-review.

ESL Stuff - an ESL writing website that thinks peer-review is too idealistic in classroom
This website mostly focuses on avoiding basic writing error, for example, word choice,verb tense, and prepositions, etc. Becauseof its focus, it suggests that peer-review is not as useful as editing worksheets. The worksheet provided on the website ( gives a few sample paragraphs and asks students to rewrite the paragraphs with the errors corrected. I think that this website would really help teachers who are primarily trying to help students tackle writing mistakes (grammatical problems), instead of also focus on writing style or the content of the essay. Using peer-review in this case may confuse students even more because L2 learners may incorrectly give grammatical feedback to others. By having them do the editing worksheet first, teachers will be able to go over the worksheet at the end to check the answers while giving students flexibility to try approaching to identifying errors on their own.

An Article that provides sample worksheets before and during peer-review
This article is about different variations in EFL-ESL response. It also provides a few useful sample worksheets:
These worksheets are useful for grouping students for peer-review, as Teaching ESL Composition mentioned that the way teachers group students for peer-review greatly affects the outcome of it. I think I would use these sample worksheets and produce similar ones for students before peer-review, therefore, I can minimum the problems that cultural differences, language proficiency, and the experience with peer-reviewing can bring during reviewing.
The following worksheets are also from the article and they are worksheets that could be used during peer review focusing on different parts of writing and have different degrees of flexibility for students.
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Re: Useful peer review websites
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2013, 02:23:05 AM »

Thanks for providing all the sites and links about peer review and guides.

With your exploration, I could see how the websites and peer review guideline can focus on different aspects of language skills from learners'.

And, I think all are worth to understand the criteria because each of them has been developed by their own purpose.