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Peer Feedback References
« on: May 05, 2013, 04:29:02 PM »
Not all students readily understand the benefits of using Peer Feedback in the classroom.  One of the challenges for teachers is to train students on what Peer Feedback is before using it.  One of the attachments below is a model Peer Feedback Checklist for an advanced ESL Writing course.  The other attachment is from the Peer Feedback chapter from Ferris and Hedgecock.  This chapter details the benefits of incorporating Peer Feedback in the ESL/EFL classroom so that students will learn that doing peer feedback will 1) help them reflect on their own writing as they read their classmates' writing and provide feedback to them, but also, 2) notice that they actually DO have valuable input to contribute.  Ferris and Hedgecock also provide useful materials in this chapter that will assist a teacher in designing new or editing an existing model, such as the one I've attached, for their classroom use.
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