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The English Teaching Forum is a FREE journal published published by the U.S. Department of State for teachers of English as a foreign or second language. It features articles on TESL/TEFL in general and on teaching techniques as well as lesson ideas / plans.

You can search the journal for articles based on criteria such as the following:

- skill (reading, writing, listening, etc.)
- audience (adult learners, young learners, beginning, intermediate, etc.)
- type of content (video, audio, song, etc.)
- pedagogical category (CALL, motivation, etc.)
- theme (holidays, American culture, etc.)

Just make sure that "Forum Journal" is checked under the "Resource Category" heading.

=bundle%3Aresource&f[1]=im_field_resource_skills%3A14&f[2]=im_field_resource_categories%3A4&f[3]=im_field_resource_audience%3A12]This is a sample search for writing materials for Advanced learners.

Go to this page to do a search: [url=[0]=bundle%3Aresource&f[1]=im_field_resource_categories%3A4][0]=bundle%3Aresource&f[1]=im_field_resource_categories%3A4

Go to this page to download past issues: