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Peer review using teams
« on: May 06, 2015, 03:40:52 PM »
Very cool idea I found here:

Basically, students work in teams to correct an essay. Each student in a team is in charge of something different. In this article, the jobs are:
  • [size=78%]Master Mechanic[/size]
  • [/size][size=78%]Word Master[/size]
  • [/size][size=78%]Grammar Chief[/size]
  • [/size][size=78%]Proofreading Professional[/size]
These jobs could be modified based on your class, but I liked this division of labor. It also helps students focus both when they're giving and receiving feedback. If a student is just looking for grammar mistakes, they will do a better job. Likewise, the original writer can focus just on that aspect.
Overall, I think this strategy could lead to more confidence in the peer reviewers, as well as better critiques in general.