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Vocabulary Categories Game
« on: April 22, 2017, 03:31:40 PM »
One game that my students like to play is what I call the Categories Game. I actually got this idea from a woman who talked about a categories vocabulary activity in her ITBE presentation. I took her idea and made it into a game. Split your students into groups of 2-3. Basically, you give your students a sentence that says "Name 3 things that are essential for success". Essential is the vocabulary word. They need to complete it with 1-2 classmates. After they have completed the categories, debrief their answers with them. They get a point for each original things for each category. If they have a word that is the same as another group, neither group gets the point. For example, if team 1 answers the previous item with hard work, a plan, and mentors and team 2 answers it with hard work, luck, and determination, then 'hard work' is not given to either team. They do both get points for their other words. This gives them an opportunity to think outside of the box and to think of what the opposing team would put as answers. I will attach an example of a Categories Game.