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Popular Book Pre-Reading Activity
« on: February 27, 2018, 08:48:45 PM »
IMPORTANT Note: So this idea can work with any popular book series that people nowadays would have some basic knowledge about because of media exposure to movie versions of the novels: Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Maze Runner, Lord of the Rings, etc. For this example, I will be using the 1st Harry Potter book.

Preparation - This activity has 2 parts. The pre-reading activity (main part) that comes before you start assigning your class to read the book and the 2nd part comes immediately after they are expected to have finish the entire book. It does not necessarily have to be the first book in the series.

Alternative KWL Group Pre-Reading Activity
Preparation- Teachers can create a worksheet with guided "interview" type questions regarding the activity below.

Time- 20-25 minutes
Students, either with a plain sheet of paper or a worksheet with guided questions, should go around the classroom and "interview" students in the class about "what they know" regarding HP Philosopher Stone based on things they have heard or maybe glimpses of clips from movies, etc., and "what they want to know or wish someone would tell them before they start reading." If you have a few students who have read part of the book in the past or just know a lot about the book, students should ask them to "tell me 1 BRIEF thing about HP that you think is very important to know before I start reading." If students receive similar answers from a few different classmates, they should prompt them for varying or extended responses. TELL ME MORE!!!! XD

Optional- If you do this activity with a book beyond the 1st of a series, it may be useful to spend 2-3 minutes as a class coming up with a BRIEF synopsis of what happened in the previous book. This, however, would require students to be more in-depth with their answers to the activity questions so as to not repeat the same answer.

After gathering all the "data"/answers together, students should write a 1-2 paragraphs predicting what will happen in the book based on their interpretations of everything they heard and shared. TEACHER SHOULD KEEP THESE PARAGRAPHS FOR POST-READING ACTIVITY.

Optional Post-Reading Activity

Now that everyone has finished reading the 1st HP book, the teacher should pass back to students their initial book prediction paragraphs. Students should discuss the following questions for 5 minutes with a partner.

1) What predictions did you have right? What did you predict wrong? How close were you to what actually happened in the book?
2) What surprised you in the book? Was there anything that could have prepared you for the shocking revelation?
3)How did the pre-reading alternative KWL activity influence your pre-perceptions of the book?
4) If we had not done the pre-reading activity, how do you think your reading of the book would have been impacted? (This is supposed to be a metacognitive type of question)

Students should write their responses in 1-2 pages to turn in.

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