Author Topic: Using BINGO as a Post-reading Activity  (Read 2397 times)

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Using BINGO as a Post-reading Activity
« on: December 01, 2006, 06:39:07 PM »
Here is an interesting game that you may use as a post-reading activity. Students often tend to be a bit tired and bored after spending most of the class time on pre-reading and while-reading activities. Having students play a game at this stage seems quite useful a way to refresh their minds and nourish their interest in the next reading lesson.

I picked up the activity from a book that I think serves as a rich source for reading teachers:

Greenwood, J. (1988). Class Readers. Oxford University Press. 


The purpose of the activity is to help students review associations between characters, traits, events, etc.

1. Ask students to make their own bingo cards with the names of four characters of their choice on them.

2. The students should also prepare small pieces of paper on which they should write one piece of information about each of the characters on their card and his or her role in the story. They do not mention the character by name.

3. Place the pieces of paper in a bag and draw out at random and read aloud. If a student hears a piece of information which refers to one of the characters on the card she or he crosses off the name. When all four characters on the card have been mentioned the student shouts "Bingo" and repeats the information she or he heard about her or his character in order to win the game.