Author Topic: Using Toulmin's Argumentation Model  (Read 3836 times)

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Using Toulmin's Argumentation Model
« on: December 08, 2009, 01:52:30 PM »
Toulmin's Model of argumentation is a good start to teach about argumentation since it provides students with an esay model to follow when analyzing an issue crtically.

I used this model to teach about argumentation. Before students actually write their argumentative paper, teachers can use this model to help acquaint students with elements of argumentaion: Claim, Support, Warrant, Qualifier, Backing and Rebuttal.

I've attached a power point file which I used to lecture on this topic. In the powerpoint, there are definitions and examples of each elements and also mini-practices scattered throughout the slides. This could be used as a 30 min lecture in class, accompanied be occasional small group discussion.

After the lecture, in groups, students practice using this model by advertising for a product. (An advertisment worksheet is attached here too.) Each group take turns advertising for the product, giving their "Claim" and "Support", while the other groups respond by analyzing their "Warrant" and attacking them with  their "Rebuttal"

 ;) I think my ESL500 students had fun with this practice!