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Teaching Argumentation structure
« on: December 08, 2009, 02:04:19 PM »
The powerpoint file that I've attached serves as an opening lecture when teaching about argumentation. Here's the outline of the powerpoint.

What makes a good Argumentation topic
In this section, there are two examples on each slide which students can compare and discuss about the strength and weakness of each topic. This section ends with a brief conclusion about what makes a "good topic"

Main Elements in an Argumentative Essay
Here, students are introduced to the five main elements of argumentation: thesis, context, reason, objection and response. Definitions of these elements and corresponding examples are also given. In this section, students are also asked to identify these five elements in a given essay"Health and Healing at Your Finger Tips" (This essay is attached in the pdf file)

Organization of an Argumentative Essay
After students understand the elements, they are divided into groups and they have to come up with their own ways of organizing those five elements in an essay. The two examples that are on the slides only serves as a starting point for them to know how they might organize it.