Author Topic: Students responsible for their own grammar correction.  (Read 3021 times)

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Students responsible for their own grammar correction.
« on: January 28, 2010, 07:54:32 AM »
Teachers can improve the grammar of  intermediate level students by letting students take responsibility of their own correction. Teacher should complete one chapter focused  on one set of grammar rules from particular book of grammar he/she is using for his/her class and then assign writing topics with particular focus on that rule which was learned in the recent chapter. Then ask students to check their own work and point out the mistakes they found in their work. students submit their own corrections of first draft and teacher can assign them only pass or fail grade rather  than pointing out particular mistakes for them. Then if students fail the correction, they need to do it again until they pass for that assignment. students are asked to read concerned chapter of grammar book again to improve their work. For example if a rule pertaining  to subject-verb agreement was learned then students should focus on that particular rule only. Then teacher can make it cumulative work, more rules are covered students need to keep all of them in focus. This activity will not only improve the grammar but also clarity and precision in their  writing. It will also help them to develop their own style of writing.

In order to keep students motivated for multiple revisions teacher can make it high stake task. Teacher can announce to students right from the  start of course that If students don't pass multiple revision of their own work they will fail the whole course. This high stake importance of their own correction will keep students motivated for improvements. This technique can be used for intermediate or upper intermediate level students. I  have used this technique in my class of undergraduates  and found  it really helpful for the improvement of my students.

If you have any comments please feel free to share with me.