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This is a 50-min lesson plan of Cause and Effect I design for a class. The focus of the class is to review the transitional phrases used in cause/effect sentences and essays, introduce the structure of a cause-and-effect paragraph, and end up with an interactive interview activity about cause and effect. The lesson is designed for the lower-intermediate students in the EFL settings.

As for the interactive pair activity, at the beginning of this lesson, I use the movie clip "13 going on 30" as a warm-up activity. In the middle of the class I wrap up the movie plot with slides and have students in pairs interview each other about the topic "if I could go back to my 18." This is a pre-writing activity for students to brainstorm and generate their personal experience and share with their teammates.

Following the attached PowerPoint slides and worksheets you'll find out the following activities .
1. Warm-up activity: the movie clip "13 going on 30"
2. Matching game (logical thinking check): the review of transitional words/phrases/conjunctions
3. Reading activity: distinguish causes, effects, and supporting details in paragraphs
4.  Interview activity: if you could go back to your 18.