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Group Peer-Editing
« on: February 23, 2011, 12:59:44 PM »
This is a group peer editing activity where students get together in groups of 4.  Each person will have a specific role.   Once you get students in a group, have them assign a number, 1-4.  The #1 person will read their paper to the rest of the group.  While the #1 person is reading, #2-4 will have specific roles (#2-two things they liked about the paper, #3-ask at least one question they had about the paper, and #4- two pieces of advice or suggestions).  Give students a few minutes to think about how they will answer their role after the story is read.  Then, each group member #2-4 will comment to group member #1.  Group member #1 will jot down notes from his/her group.

After the first round, the roles will switch clock-wise (or counter clock-wise, your choice).  The #4 person becomes the #1 person and will read his/her story, etc.  All the roles will change for each round. 

For lower level ESL students, if it is too difficult for them to listen, you might want to make copies of their stories for them to read. 

Also, to keep everyone at the same pace, you might want to rotate roles in each group all at the same time (instead of having groups go at their own pace).