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Feedback-Error Correction
« on: March 26, 2013, 09:07:43 AM »
When discussing self-identified and self-corrected feedback (or even other-identified and self-corrected) there is a great website out there dealing with this--

This website, the corpus of contemporary American English has most written and spoken forms of the American English language so that ESL (or L1) learners may go to correct their work. Their biggest aid is in collocations, or what goes next to a word in a sequence. This can aid many ESL students especially with prepositions, which always prove to be difficult. Basically this website takes the work out of knowing, "what sounds better" since L2 learners cannot judge in this area, they are given frequencies of how often a collocation is said  and even in what decade it is in use. Not only does this website do American English, but British English, Spanish, Portuguese and more. It is not the most intuitive site--you really need to go through the tutorials on how to use it. The idea of this is similar to typing into a google search and using a wildcard v* in order to find out what should go after a word. Or simply just typing the word and seeing in what context the next word comes after, except more sophisticated.

This website, by UIUC's very own, Jin Kim

Has many aids in using COCA, as well as, other ways in which she used COCA in the classroom. The attachment I provided also is very useful in navigating COCA. If you have COCA open and are navigating via this worksheet, it will help you tremendously.

Some quick tips with COCA...
1. If the website is not working, just click refresh and all should be great. COCA can be fickle
2. There is a new COCA --but this website really ONLY does collocations and word frequencies
3. COCA is great because you can limit searches to what is spoken and what is written (also academically)--so depending on whether you are unsure if this word can be said in spoken speech, or if you are unsure if it sounds too colloquial for an academic paper, COCA can help you!!

Hope you like this website! It can be very mean at first. I suggest please try very hard to get to know it, before you deem it the worst website ever!

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Re: Feedback-Error Correction
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2013, 04:37:28 PM »
I'm so intrigued with this resource, thanks for introducing it to us, Ariel!  I'm curious to learn how I might be able to integrate this into my class most effectively.  It is a little bit overwhelming at first!  For your research, how were you planning to introduce the tool to students?