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Captioning as a Pre-Writing Activity
« on: May 05, 2013, 05:16:19 PM »
Captioning uses written materials and pictures to demonstrate main ideas or to summarize.  Captioning can involve students at different language levels.
This exercise can be used as a pre-writing activity or a pre-reading and writing exercise.  The materials needed are a group of photos that you will select and provide.  Make sure some of the photos will work for lower-level students (photo can be ‘captioned’ with their level of vocabulary) and intermediate to advanced level students (photos allowing a higher-level of creativity and/or higher-level of of vocabulary).
A fantastic site to find interesting and vivid photos is the National Geographic site.  Select the ‘People and Culture’ section within ‘Photography’.  I’ve linked it here:
  Steps for using Captioning in the Classroom:
A.   Explain what a caption is.  An example is a ‘caption’ sentence written under a photograph in a newspaper article or an internet article.  Pass around such an example for the students to see.
B.    Allow students to select a photo from your group of photos.
1.     For a Writing class, this activity might work best during/after a unit on Nouns and Adjectives.  It could also work well when students are learning Main Ideas and Topic Sentence structure, since the ‘caption’ could actually be a draft of a topic sentence for a paragraph/essay they will write as the next assignment in this sequence.
a.     After presenting your Unit on Nouns/Adjectives or Main Ideas/Topic Sentences, provide practice activities to ensure comprehension of information.
b.     From your group of photos, allow the learners to select a photo to use for this activity.
c.     Ask each learner to draft a ‘caption’ for their photo.  Let them know that they can modify their caption later, if needed, before they finish the assignment.
d.      Draft a Topic Sentence.  Use this ‘caption’ as the Main Idea in their Topic Sentence. 
e.     Write a creative paragraph/essay of what they think happened in this photo.
f.      Review their writing, make any changes, and submit for teacher feedback.
g.     Once learner has incorporated teacher feedback into their final version, the final version could be presented in front of the class.
2.     For a Reading/Writing class, create a handout of information about the photo.  Distribute the handout.  Ask the learners to read the information.  Then, proceed to the above procedures under ‘Writing Class’ steps.
3.     Another activity:  Have the learners write a series of captions for 4-5 related photos that you provide and display.  Ask the students to ‘order’ the photos and write their own caption.  This could also work well as a ‘pair’ activity.  Once completed, have the students read their captions to the class.
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