Author Topic: Learning logic before writing cause and effect essay for more advanced level  (Read 2267 times)

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To write a good cause and effect essay, it is very important to know the logic first.  Briefly speaking, logic is a chain of cause and effect.
For instance, 3+2=5, and 7-2=5. Therefore, 3+2 is 7-2. By using this logic, the writing can be very clear and easy to understand at times.
However, the writer should be careful with flawed logic or logic fallacy. Logic can from relationship, but it might be flawed, and does not really make sense in the end.
For example, A book is 1kg, and it is as heavy as a pair of shoes. Therefore, the book and the pair of shoes are same thing. The is one example of flawed logic. This is logical, but it does not connects the cause and effect properly.
The point of this activity is that helping to clarify the arguments that the writers want to introduce.
I think this website really good to give some ideas what kind of logic can be not very good for making a strong argument.