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Synopsis activity
« on: May 06, 2014, 08:17:56 PM »
My final project is on Clan of the Cave Bear and for our first class period we (my wonderful partner Erin and I) are planning an activity with the synopsis located on the back of the book.

Our plan is to have students read the synopsis by themselves and then do a free-writing activity on their reactions. I think continuous free-writing would work best but students could also do webbing, cubing, or any other format that they prefer. In our class we will do continuous free-writing. Students should include their initial reactions and predictions: what they think the main idea is, who are the main characters, where/when is it set, what does the setting mean, have they every read something similar, what do they think will happen, how do they think it will end, do they think they will like it, etc. After a designated time, maybe 7-10 minutes  (that way they will have plenty of time to put all of their thoughts down) they will stop writing and we can have a class discussion about their reactions.

A teacher could choose to stop here and move onto another activity or the story itself, or I think the lesson could continue with more information/discussion on synopses. Depending on the course and its objectives, the lesson could include a discussion on the purpose of a synopsis, the format, style, tense, what to include, how to increase reader interest, and writing in an organized, yet detailed way.

Here is a link to sample synopses: as well as a detailed discussion of synopses and synopsis writing

As a post-reading activity, students could practice writing their own synopsis!