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A lesson plan for an English Literature class
« on: February 07, 2015, 02:03:11 PM »
In the context of my home country, when many college students want to take English Literature courses, they expect to improve their English skills through taking the course rather than to learn about the literature. However, in the reality, in most English Literature courses, teachers/professors only focus on analyzing texts or teaching the contexts of literary works neglecting students’ needs as the way they were taught English Literature by their teachers/professors when they were young. I agree that teaching L2 literature is also necessary because it gives valuable insights on life and society to readers, but I believe that, at least, one of the aims of L2 literature courses should be improving the students’ English skills. Based on this philosophy, I designed a lesson in which colleges students in an EFL context are expected to have opportunities to improve their English reading, speaking, listening and writing skills while they are engaged with various types of tasks.

Topic of the unit: Love

Materials: Movie “Ever After” (a Cinderella story), and Alice Munro’s “How I Met My Husband”

Context: This is a lesson of Introduction to English Literature. Most of the students are college students whose major are not English Literature, but they chose this course to have chances to improve their English skills while taking this course.

<First lesson>

This is a lesson about “novel”. In the previous lesson, the students were asked to watch the movie “Ever After (a Cinderella story)” in their homes. (In other words, watching the movie was an assignment. Because one of the course objectives is to improve the four language skills, I think that there is no reason for teachers to not use media to provide aural input to the students.)

1. T asks Ss to discuss what they felt watching the movie or the morals of the movie in groups and then in a whole class discussion.

2. T asks Ss to make groups of four and requests each group to write down 10 beautiful and romantic English words. Then, T asks each group to write a beautiful love story collaboratively using those 10 words for 20 minutes. In this part, T asks Ss to mandatorily include the setting of a story, a protagonist’s crisis or a conflict between characters, and the ending. In order to make this task more communicative and collaborative, T asks group members to rotate the role of a typist or a writer whenever they write up a paragraph.

3. After writing a story, Ss present their stories and choose the most beautiful or impressive story among them.

4. T asks Ss to read the first two pages of Alice Munro’s “How I Met My Husband” and request them to predict what would happen in the next part.

5. T asks Ss to read the whole story at their homes as an assignment.

[<Second lesson>
1. T makes groups of four and asks students to discuss what they felt while reading the story in their groups. T also asks them to compare and contrast teenage heroines in Alice Munro's story and in the Cinderella story. Then, T requests them to compare and contrast the points of view of the teenage girls in Alice Munro's story and in the movie. After that, each group present the result of their group discussions to the class.

2. T asks Ss to think how they feel about the story of the movie after reading the short story. (Group and whole class discussions.)

3. T introduces the themes of Allice Munro’s other stories and analyze the meanings of several important sentences in the story.
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