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Peer Feedback Training
« on: March 06, 2016, 05:01:19 PM »
One thing that is good for peer feedback is to provide a quality session about the benefits and drawbacks of peer feedback. We have included the drawbacks because it's important to students to realize what could be wrong with the process and hopefully avoid those behaviors. It is important for students to realize there are also benefits of them giving feedback and not just receiving it. By giving the feedback, they are building the skills they need to analyze their own work and being exposed to a variety of ideas and perspectives. That might help them feel more energetic and motivated in the process.

Another thing that is fun to do is to have a few scripts of peer feedback situations that might occur in the classroom. This is a good schema activation activity. You have one script where a student is providing really bad feedback, one with mediocre feedback, and one with really great feedback. If you have the students "perform" the scripts and ask the class about the feedback, you can create a list of DOs and DON'Ts. Then, you can move into the discussion of the advantages/disadvantages and the strategies for giving good feedback. The students like it because it involves them in the "lecture" part of the lesson and provides a concrete example for them to reference.

If students are more shy, perhaps you could ask teachers or colleagues to act out the scenes and you could record them on video. This is a little more involved, but you could reuse the video each semester.