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I found the attached article, Pointing out Frequent Phrasal Verbs: A Corpus-Based Analysis, to be really interesting. I initially started reading it because I was trying to figure out how best to teach phrasal verbs for in the speaking class I teach. In the article, the authors did a corpus analysis of the most common phrasal verbs in the British National Corpus.

Take home points:
  • 25 phrasal verbs are one third of phrasal verb usage in British English
  • 100 phrasal verbs are one half of phrasal verb usage in British English.
  • However, the 100 high frequency phrasal verbs have over 500 "variant meaning senses."
  • The authors suggest that learners get varied exposure focusing on these commonly used phrasal verbs, particularly the most common 25.
I've never studied corpuses in detail, but I do have a few questions. First, how much does a corpus change year by year? If so, should that be considered? Second, how much should students use phrasal verbs in their writing before it starts to sound less academic?

Overall, this article is really useful and interesting and I hope we can use corpus to target relevant vocabulary for our students.
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