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Motivating Reluctant Readers
« on: February 27, 2007, 06:01:56 PM »
One thing that I have found helpful for motivating students who don't particularly like to read is letting them choose their own reading materials. For example, I have my Everday Reading & Writing students do a semester-long project in which we go together to a bookstore and, in groups of three to five, they have to agree on a book to buy (subject to instructor approval). They will use the book for Reading Group discussions (like an in-class book club),  vocabulary activities, and a final presentation about their book. Even students who complain of not liking history, literature, romance, etc. can usually find SOMETHING of interest to them. Letting them choose their own reading material also means they can blame no one but themselves if they end up not liking it! Usually, they make the most of the situation and end up enjoying their reading tasks and learning about American culture or other topics found in their books.