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Classroom Motivation: Asking Questions
« on: February 28, 2017, 12:58:56 PM »
There are several schools of thought regarding motivation, when linked directly to Second Language Acquisition. However, in the context of classroom motivation, it is hard to deny that students will be paying closer attention if they are invested in what is going on in class.

One way to keep the class invested is by making sure that the materials are related to their interests. This can be achieved by implementing several strategies:
-Needs assessment, have the students fill out a questionnaire that asks them to express what they would like to accomplish in this class.
-Use materials that will be most useful to them, as sometimes they are not aware of which aspects of their language they need to work on the most
-Focus on hard topics, but interspaced by light topics, that allow the students to take a break from the rest of the class.

Every class could include a short question/essay segment, where the subject matter is unusual, or pushes the boundaries of the imagination:
"How much would you weigh on the moon ?" / "would you rather lose all your money, or all the pictures on you phone ?"
They could follow up by sharing their answers on a forum, and after reading all of them, choosing which one is the most imaginative/fun.

The goal is to ultimately get the student too continue to practice their reading and writing skills, yet have the overall tone of the activity give them the impression that they are not focusing so much on the work aspect of class. The answers could be used to continue the class, depending on the topic, and make the students feel like their work is having an impact on the course content. This is another factor which can get them motivated into participating, and making an effort, in the work they give.
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