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      Vocabulary: Explicit Instruction
Level: Novice-Low/Mid/High
One way to prepare learners for reading and writing is by teaching them content vocabulary they will use in the task. Helping them associate the word with an image and teaching this process through a specifically designed PowerPoint accomplish this. This PowerPoint will ensure that students receive multiple passes over the vocabulary (instead of just one) as well as gives them the opportunity to listen, speak and comprehend. After the PP, students can fill out a vocabulary cheat sheet based of the images learned throughout the PP. The idea is to present or teach the vocabulary in an interactive and engaging way with students to help them “bind” the vocabulary.
Teacher presents a few words with corresponding images. [slides 1-3; 5-9; 11-15]
2)   In groups, students quiz each other with a short, verbal matching activity of a few words (Coach students to approach these slides by taking turns and asking each other “what is number 1?”)  [slides 4, 10 & 16]
3)   This process continues until all vocabulary has been taught.
4)   Whole class verbal activities wrap up the lesson [slides 17-20]
5)   Students record new vocabulary on their vocabulary sheets, using the final slide as a matching guide if needed (also good for spelling)
The example provided is themed around students being able to give basic descriptions of themselves and others (appearance and personality traits).

Materials (For best formatting results, download PPT)
Vocab Cheat Sheet
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