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Vocabulary - Info Gap Activities
« on: March 25, 2017, 08:02:46 PM »
      Vocabulary Activities: Info Gap/Conversation
Level: Novice-Low/Mid/High

For lower level learners, explicit vocabulary instruction can be very useful in general but also before reading. After specific vocabulary has been taught, one way to give students a context to “bind” the vocabulary could be through Info Gap activities. This provides them with an opportunity to practice and then they may be more prepared to read the story.

In the example activity provided, the vocabulary centers around getting to know someone on a basic level (their birthday, personality and interests). Students will pair up (Student A with Student B) and engage in a structure conversation but will need their partner for the missing information. The images in the activity provided are representative of icons/pictures used during an explicit vocabulary lesson (see previous post). Students will ask their partner about the person on the chart and move horizontally through the chart to learn about that “person.” The student who has the blank square is responsible for talking while the student who has the picture is responsible for giving them the answer. Linguistic support is provided on the activity itself but can also be provided on the board/screen. Students are not allowed to look at their partner’s paper. When writing down their answer students can be required to draw, write the word, or a combination of both.

Please note: vocabulary within this activity was based on a foreign language textbook unit. However, this simple activity can be adapted to fit the needs of various themes and can be modified to be more/less difficult depending on the level of your students.

Materials (for best formatting results, download the doc)
Info Gap Word Doc_Student A
Info Gap Word Doc_Student B

A: When is Jacob’s Birthday?
B: His birthday is August 18th.
B: What is he like?
A: He is serious.
A&B: What does he like?
A: He likes video games.
B: He likes sports.

Jacob’s birthday is August 18th. He is serious and likes sports and video games.
Lola’s birthday is October 4th She is intelligent and likes vegetables and music.
Andrew’s birthday is January 1st. He is athletic and likes hamburgers and cars.
Ella’s birthday is December 31st. She is shy and likes ice cream and animals.
Rosie’s birthday is May 15th. She is artistic and likes books and movies.
Steven’s birthday is July 5th. He is organized and likes fruit and Chinese food.
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