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Extra Credit Motivation - Khan Academy
« on: April 06, 2017, 01:50:54 PM »
One useful resource that I have come across in other education courses that I could see myself using in my future classroom is Khan Academy. Khan academy includes videos that walk students through lessons that they may be having difficulty with. Though it is a great tool, I also want to ass that it should only be used as a supplement for learning, not for a main lesson. Khan Academy mainly offers lessons on math and science, but it also includes grammar lessons that I think would be relevant to the ESL classroom. If students have trouble understanding something taught in class, this is a resource that they should feel free to consult in order to hear, see, and read more about various grammar points.

My idea for using this resource to increase motivation in my classroom is to use it as a way for students to gain extra credit. Foreign language teachers at my high school did something similar with duolingo, but it was not effective because students would have their phones out in class, and there was no administrative function within the app that allowed the teacher to see which lessons we completed without us bringing the teacher our phones. With Khan Academy, teachers can set up their online classroom and add students to it as well! I would like to post an assignment each week for extra credit that the class would have access to and that would relate to the current unit. This way, the students should be motivated to gain extra credit, and I would also be able to see and monitor their progress online. This type of informal assessment data would give me helpful feedback that I could use to see how well the students are actually understanding the concepts taught in class.
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