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Using Survey & Previewing before reading
« on: April 20, 2017, 01:33:31 PM »
Recently, we started Unit 8 in the Making Connections (1) textbook in my beginner/low-level Reading & Writing class. The first reading that we were going to jump into was about leisure activities.

To prime students for their reading about leisure activities, I created two pre-reading activities:

1) Class Survey about their classmates leisure activities

The goals of this survey are to first elicit the student's existing knowledge as well as give them an opportunity to talk about the topic freely by asking a few of their classmates about how they spend their leisure time. To maximize exposure to different cultures, I asked them to ask 3 people that spoke a different L1 from their own. Because I wanted it to be a relatively short survey (less than ten minutes). After briefly debriefing their answers, we moved onto the preview and prediction activity.

 :D Modifications: This survey could easily be adapted to almost any context (e.g. a survey about business experiences, strategies they use for studying, etc.), as well as question types (offering free response,

2) Preview & Predict Activity about the reading

For this activity, I took the first one/two sentences (to make sure the topic sentence was included) from each paragraph in the text. Each pair of students was given a different paragraph excerpt and given two discussion questions:

1)What do you think the paragraph will be about?
2) What do you think the whole reading will be about?

 :D Modifications: This kind of excerpt preview activity can work well with any relatively short text (500-700 words). You could adapt this to work for longer texts/novels by looking at larger units such as chapter titles or the subheadings/first sentence of subsections in a research paper/journal article.

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