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Vocabulary Jeopardy Game
« on: April 22, 2017, 03:14:42 PM »
One of my favorite things about teaching vocabulary is using games in the class. No matter their age, your students will probably like to play games. I have played this game with my students who are all adults. They love it. I found this Jeopardy template online (, so you can take it and put in whatever words you are reviewing into the PowerPoint. You can play how ever you feel like it, but I will say what I did. This way you can adapt from what I did. I would put my students into evenly matched teams. They would have to work together to get the questions correct. I would have my students choose the category, which would be vocabulary from a particular unit (or you can be nice and go by word form) and the amount of money that they would want to wager. Unlike traditional Jeopardy, I would have the students write the word correctly in a sentence (giving them only like 1 min), and then, they would have to say that sentence out loud. They would rotate who would read the sentence out loud. The other team would also need to be writing a sentence because if the first team got it incorrect, then the other team could steal the points. I also created. Just like jeopardy, I would deduct points if they got it wrong. There is a final jeopardy question where they can wager all their points. I also created 'chance' cards that each team would need to pick after their turn. These were meant to keep one team from getting too far ahead and from the losing team getting too demotivated. Most of the chance cards said, "no change". However, some would say things like "get 100 points" or "every team goes to zero", so there was a love-hate relationship with these chance cards. This way no team would give up and could get a chance to win or make a big comeback. I will attach my chance cards and the Jeopardy Template.

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Re: Vocabulary Jeopardy Game
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2017, 09:39:42 PM »
I think a lot of teachers are familiar with modifying Jeopardy for classroom learning and review, but I've seen few people do something like you've done with the chance cards. I shyed away from using Jeopardy too much because no matter how I divided up my groups one team would somehow get really far ahead, and I always felt bad for the other group(s). I think having the uncertain aspect of it with the chance cards keeps the students motivated and less worried about the points since they could change at any time. I like this idea!!