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Opinion Pre-Reading Activity
« on: May 01, 2017, 12:04:40 AM »
I wanted to share a opinion/discussion activity that I did in class as a pre-reading/schema-activation activity for my beginner-low-intermediate Reading & Writing class.

Unit Topic: Music & Media  8)
Unit Timeline (this is done before the 2nd reading in a 3 reading unit, so students already have some familiarity with the vocabulary associated with music).

Time: 10min

  • Student practice agree/disagree language (previously introduced) such as:I think/don't think that...; I agree/disagree that... and why.
  • Students talk about a personal experience or evidence (something they heard/read) as a supporting example to justify their opinion.
  • Activate students' prior knowledge about the topic to help prime them for reading the text through their discussion as well as listening to their classmates' opinions.
  • Small sheets (or cut outs) with statements taken from the text, including which paragraph they were taken from.

  • Students can do this activity in pairs or small groups, depending on how much time you have available (pairs seem to be fastest).
  • Pass out the cut outs and ask each pair to read the statement, decide whether or not they agree with the statement, and then to explain why they feel a particular way to their partner.
  • You can debrief as a class with eliciting opinions from the class, or if there is more time you can have each pair share what they felt and discussed with the class.

Overall I felt this activity was an effective way to get the students warmed up before getting into their reading as well as practice sharing whether or not they agree with something and why. I specifically focused on this type of activity because they will be writing an opinion paragraph later in this unit, as well as be doing an in class debate about technology and social media.