Author Topic: Motivation Through Cultural Awareness  (Read 1189 times)

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Motivation Through Cultural Awareness
« on: May 02, 2017, 04:38:48 AM »
Hey Fellow Learners and Teachers Alike  :)

We are in a time where no matter where you are, there is a decent chance that you will meet and teach amazing individuals from all over the planet. Having mostly international friends myself, I can say that developing cultural awareness takes time and plenty of patience, but it is all to the benefit of your personal growth and teaching arsenal!

I have found that when I am teaching students from other countries, especially when you are just beginning to know the class, it can be an incredible experience from both parties to share their cultures. What I mean by this is instead of teaching article usage through examples of generic food, why ask students to talk about food from their home countries? Everyone loves food and whenever I ask my international students to talk about it, they instantly smile and begin reminiscing about their hometown and best memories. It really helps connect you, the student, and their passions into the classroom lesson.

This can be done on various levels. Activities such as above can be integrated into a lesson, open-ended questions on tests can ask students about their home-life, and peer work can be done where students learn about one another's cultures and how they compare.

If you, as a teacher, and even more simply as a person, show your student that you care about them on a deeper level, not just their understanding of class material, they will have much more respect for you, and be more motivated to succeed in the class. Students want to make themselves and their teachers proud of they feel like their own interests are valued.